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Electric Heating Light Weight Freeze Dryer
SJIA-5FE electric heating Main Feature: 7 inch touch screen Pre-freeze dried in situ,high transmittance plexiglass viewing window LCD display,PID control,the drying curve; Square tray is not easily deformed,easy to operate,easy to clean; Can be configured
High Capacity Laboratory Freeze Dryer
Vacuum freeze drying, lyophilization, and sublimation, is the water material pre freezing, a method so that sublimation in vacuum condition.
Laboratory Automatic Freeze Dryer Overview
All models offer both simplicity of operation and the highest performance characteristics to meet the demands of today’s research and development laboratories.
Vertical University Use Freeze Dryer
After freeze dry goods, the original bio chemical characteristics, basic variable, can be stored for long time, water can be restored to the lyophilization morphological and biochemical characteristics, can maintain its original.
Desktop Research Freeze Dryer
Condenser capacity in 24 hours: 3L;No. of trays: 4 (top stopper type is 3);Tray size: Diameter 200mm;Vacuup pump: 2L/s
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